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I’m just saying, you could do better. Tell me, have you heard that lately?

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Antarctigo Vespucci - Sometimes.

new project from Chris Farren (Fake Problems) & Jeff Rosenstock (Bomb The Music Industry!)

download ‘Soulmate Stuff’ via Quote Unquote Records

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Beach Slang - Kids.

Then you slip and fall into me.

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Say Anything - I Want To Know Your Plans.

You’re what keeps me believing the world’s not gone dead.

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The Early November - A Mountain Range In My Living Room.

It’s never been harder to fall. There’s nothing to grab and that’s all I want to hold onto. Just another sweep and it’ll be fine but this carpet’s got hills and I can’t see this helping at all.

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Mindset - Leave No Doubt.

I’m not going through the motions, I’m not playing the part. This is the sound that pounds inside my heart. Nothing to lose, nothing to hide. Clenched fists, open mind.

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I was counting the good things about this city.
The only good thing is you are not here.

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ScHoolboy Q - Hoover Street.

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If you change your mind and decide you want me, we can try this out again. I know I’ll make you love me.

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