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Mindset - Leave No Doubt.

I’m not going through the motions, I’m not playing the part. This is the sound that pounds inside my heart. Nothing to lose, nothing to hide. Clenched fists, open mind.

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I was counting the good things about this city.
The only good thing is you are not here.

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ScHoolboy Q - Hoover Street.

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If you change your mind and decide you want me, we can try this out again. I know I’ll make you love me.

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You want to sink, so I’m gonna let you.

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Jesus Christ - Brand New

Well, Jesus Christ, I’m alone again.

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Indecision - Believe.

I believe that dreams destroy, that we are more than just bodies, in myself, in a million tomorrows, in human nature, in equality. I believe. I believe.

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Copeland - Control Freak

And when I fell asleep, it plagued my dreams, and 30 bits of glass had become my teeth. They were breaking each and every time I tried to speak.
It’s freaking me out.

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Basement - Summer’s Colour.  (new song off of their EP “Further Sky” Run For Cover Records)

You leave the scene so quiet and patiently. I’m lost without you.

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True Love - Chained Melody.

Know who you love at every age,
forgotten regrets on a salt water page. 

Hard to hide, harder to care.
Dry an eye with a handful of hair.
Lost my love on a slippery slope,
your perfume pressed on an envelope.