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Turnover - Bloom.

Winter came just like you said it would.

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Lana Del Rey - West Coast.

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Los Angeles - The Audition.

She said, “I’m jealous of Los Angeles. She gets to keep you for a month or two, and I don’t know that I can handle this - the thought of being without you.”

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Hangman - Motion City Soundtrack.

I’m just a guy that never tried, I’m just a stupid fuck with brilliant luck and sometimes a bright idea. So shower me in a chorus of compliments and verse I don’t deserve. I might run but I’ll never hide.

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Can I Kick It? - A Tribe Called Quest.

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Drake - Trophies.

I’m just trying to stay alive and take care of my people and they don’t have no award for that. Trophies.

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Against Me! - Black Me Out.

i wanna piss on the walls of your house.

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Trilla - A$AP Rocky.

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The Day I Lost My Voice (The Suitcase Song) - Copeland.

For a moment, I was warm and the world made sense.
For a moment, here, this storm had no consequence.
I’ve got my life in a suitcase and I’m ready to run, run, run away.

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J. Cole - Chaining Day.

I need you to love me.